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Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Launching UMKU

Muhammadiyah Kudus University (UMKU), which is located in Purwosari Village, Kota District, Sunday, May 26, 2019, has launched and also laid the groundwork for the construction of the Convention Hall at the university. Present at the event, General Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah DR. Haidar Nasir, M.Si, the Regent of Kudus, Ir. HM Muhammad Tamzil, MT, UMKU Rector Rusnoto, SKM M.Kes, Chairman of PW Muhammadiyah Central Java, DR Imron Rosyadi, M.Ag and PP Muhammadiyah secretary, Abdul Mukti. In addition, there was also the Head of the Central Java Higher Education Service Institute, Prof. DR DYP Sugiharto, MPd.

To journalists who met him at UMKU, the General Chairperson of PP Muhammadiyah, Haidar Nasir said, today in synergy with the Kudus Regency Government to lay the foundation of excellence, namely Muhammadiyah Kudus University as part of our cultural strategy in educating the nation’s life. One of the ways to educate the nation is with the Central of Excellent, namely by establishing this university.

This university, said Haidar, has issued its decree and it has been given by the president directly. The existence of this university is on land belonging to the district government. Apart from that, he said, Muhammadiyah in building these centers of excellence departed from a religious perspective called progressive Islam. This means that he continued, religion in Indonesia is not a burden, not a problem and not a source of problems.

But continued Haidar, religion was the source of inspiration for the nation’s progress and Muhammadiyah took the lead. So if there are negative views about religion as a source of terrorism, a source of violence and so on, this is biased from two things. Namely, the external view of religious issues is still negative and there are elements among these religious communities whose understanding is still limited, then with this limited view it creates a wrong and extreme understanding.

Extreme and radicalism are not only religious, but also in ideology and excessive nationalism (ultra nationalism). He said Muhammadiyah wanted to counteract this with modernization, namely that negative energy had to be washed away with positive energy.

On this occasion Haidar also appealed to all parties to end this mass politics regarding conditions after the announcement of the election results by the KPU some time ago. Where at this time the conditions were conducive and his party was also involved in overseeing the process in the Constitutional Court, if later, whatever the Court’s decision is, it must be obeyed by all parties.

Haidar also emphasized that the riot case during the KPU announcement some time ago for victims of violence should be thoroughly investigated.

Meanwhile, Muhammadiyah Kudus University consists of 13 Study Programs, namely D3 Nursing, D3 Midwifery, S1 Nursing, Professional Nurses, Pharmacy S1, PGSD S1, Mathematics, Islamic Economics, A1 Accounting, Industrial Engineering S1, Law S1, Information Systems S1, Computer Science S1 .

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